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Laminate Countertops Manufacturer & Supplier In VA

laminate countertops

These laminate countertops are fabricated to your unique measurements using Postform Blanks. The blanks are made by securing plastic laminate to a shaped core using heat and special adhesives. Once the blank has cooled and the adhesive has cured, the laminate becomes permanently bonded to the core material and retains the shape of the core. The blanks are available in a limited number of depths and lengths, so they may not be suitable for some custom applications.

laminate countertops

These custom Laminate countertops are unrestricted by “standard sizes” and can be made to fit any space or design. Tops typically have a square front edge and a separate backsplash which is attached to the countertop at the time of installation in order to provide the best fit to the wall. Custom countertops can be any depth and backsplashes can be any height. These custom countertops are available in any laminate color/style and may have a Beveled Edge or a Wood Edge in addition to the standard Square Front Edge.


For specific colors and profile styles visit one of the links shown below.
commercial solid surface countertops
Laminate Countertops

Some Examples of Our Custom Countertop Works

laminate countertops richmond va
custom laminate countertops
Custom Laminate Countertops